Below are various issue of the Missouri Mormon Frontier Foundation issue. Next to the issue numbers are subtitles within the issue.

No. 1 – Starting MMFF
An explosion of Steamship Saluda which carried many Mormon immigrants
Visiting Historian Series
Abstract proposal for Missouri “Mormon” Historical Works

No. 2 – Mission to the Lamanites and President’s message
They lived in Zion
MMFF in Utah
MMFF Abstracting Project
Everyone can be involved

No. 3 – Colesville Branch
Martin Harris’ visit to Jackson County
Frountier Times on the Border
Charter Member Roster

No. 4 – Coming soon

No. 5 – Coming soon

No. 6 – Coming soon

No. 7- 8 – Visiting Historian – Lyndon Cook on  William B. Smith, Stubborn Believer
Another landmark to be lost? – the Big Blue Settlement
Mormons in Missouri – another obscure account
Mormons in Caldwell County, Missouri
Harold Barchers on the Whitmers

No. 9-10 – Visit to Haun’s mill
William E. McLellin Grave Marker
“Blue Guide”
Four Missouri River landings and their ferries
DeKalb Cemetery
Mormons in Missouri – Elder John Brush
Mormons in Missouri – relations between settlers and Native Americans

No. 11 – Mclellin Monument to Be Erected
Tour Richmond, Missouri
President’s Message – Exciting times
Caldwell County, Missouri Log House On Charles C. Rich Property
Mormons in Caldwell County, Missouri

No. 12 – Log House Lecture
A glimpse of Far West
– From the Whitmer Perspective

No. 13 – What happened to the Evening and Morning Star Newspaper press after 1833
President’s corner – update on Mclellin Monument
The William E. McLellin Monument and Commemoration
Commemorating The Settlement at the Big Blue River Crossing
More About Far West from Jacob Whitmer
Visiting Historian Richard Holzaphel spoke on George Edward Anderson
Next marker project: Zion’s Camp Cholera Victims

No. 14 – The Zion’s Camp Monument – In brief and story
Elizabeth Ann Whitmer Cowdrey Grave
Buried Early Missouri Mormon History
Log House Solicitation

No. 15 – Zion’s Camp Cholera Victims Monument Dedication
Quilts of the Mormon Migrations
Northwest Chapter News
New Jackson County Map Resource
By-law changes
Rhythm of the Restoration

No. 16-17 – Invitation to a log house archaeological dig
Charles C. Rich
Joseph Smith and The Evils of Rumor in Missouri
Far West Cemetery
Too Weird to be True? Or are Rumors and Fear at Work Here?
Commentary of White Cemetery in Fairview Township
1997 Annual Meeting Highlights

No. 18-19 – A Rare Account of the Haun’s Mill Massacre: The Reminiscence
of Willard Gilbert Smith
A Moment in History to Remember
The Neighbors React in Livingston County
Land Ownership Map of Haun’s Mill area
Site of Haun’s Mill Massacre
Haun’s Mill Millstone
Indian Burial Site White Cemetery
The Battle of the Mill in Caldwell County History
Bertha B. Booth
Mormon Scare
Caldwell County Week Long Dig Report
Master Plan Announced for C. C. Rich Log House Site

No. 20 – Plat Map of Town of Independence 
Early Independence Land Sales
Independence Tourism Markers
The Browns Early Settlers Near Civil Bend
Fundraiser Quilt
Dr. John Cravens Was An Early Physician
Annual Meeting

No. 21 – ###

No. 22 – ###

No. 23 – ###

No. 24 – ###

No. 25 – ###

No. 26 – ###

No. 27 – ###

No. 28 – ###

No. 29 – ###

No. 30 – ###

No. 31 – ###

No. 32 – ###

No. 33 – ###

No. 34 – ###

No. 35 – ###

No. 36 – Richmond Historic Sites to be Marked
– David Whitmer home
– Prison sites
– Story of the people and places
Book of Mormon Witnesses Peter & Christian Whitmer
Jane Manning James Remembered
Darius Gray – Genesis Group
Visit to Missouri

No. 37 – Mormon Prisoners in Richmond, addenda
Family Inter-relations – Rollins, Cleminson, Lightner, Gilbert, Walker
1840 Iowa Census / Half Breed Tract
Public Land Survey System
Caldwell Co. Deeds reveal history – Hawley, Lightner, Walker, Hinkle
Mormon marriages in Clay Co., Mo.

No. 38 – The Ferry at Wayne City Landing
Saluda Steamboat Survivors
Heirs of Robert White

No. 39 – Richmond, Mo. – new discovery
John Whitmer Historical Association Conference
Whitmer Family Celebration
Ray County Jail sites
Missouri Mormon Experience

No. 40 – ###

No. 41 – Old Log House Prison Site, Richmond
Richmond Tornado, 1878
George M. Hinkle
1838 Letter about the Mormons
Settlement Ahead of Survey
Mormons in Jackson Co.
Proposed Markers
– Whitmer Livery
– Arthur farm, 8 Witnesses, &c

No. 42 – ###

No. 43 – ###

No. 44 – ###

No. 45 – ###